About us
Dave and Kathy Russell are a happily married couple living in Princes Risborough. Dave has been a passionate photographer all his life, and embraced the digital trend. Having been asked to photograph more and more weddings and events for friends and family, Dave and Kathy are now providing this service professionally and at very competitive prices.
Our Equipment
Modern digital cameras have transformed wedding photography, allowing us to capture many poignant moments during your special day.

We use Nikon digital SLRs with wide aperture lenses to take advantage of natural light at crucial moments. We also use a mirrorless system camera with interchangeable lenses, and a Canon G7x advanced compact camera, which are both absolutely silent in operation. These help us be as unobtrusive as possible during key moments in the ceremony.

Through the use of web galleries and modern album design and printing techniques, we aim to create a journal of the events of the day that will delight you, your family and your friends for many years to come.

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